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2024 Artist Almanac

2024 Artist Almanac



ONE (1) part calendar + ONE (1) part inspiration = a whole LOT of collage material.

18 talented artists bring you an entire year's worth (qty 365) of daily collage able artsy bits of paper. Tear it away each day to reveal a new piece of work from one of 18 involved & use the past days as an art supply. It can’t get any cooler and awesome than that!

The Artist Almanac calendar is an amazing 2.75 x 3.75 inches of incredible! Simple perfection.


**Limit 2 per person**

If you place an order for more than 2, your entire order will be cancelled and you will have to place it again.


Participating Artists:

DeeDee Catron (US)

Tina Walker (US)

Niamh Baly (AU)

Michelle Schratz (Germany)

Jenny Grant (Sweden)

Arlyna Blanchard (China)

Kecia Deveney (US)

Kim Collister (US)

Lindsay Ostrom (US)

Laura Dame (US)

Andrea (US)

Seth Apter (US)

Laquisha Hall (US)

Ann Barnes (US)

Kim Hamburg (US)

Louise Muzio (UK)

Kirah Van Sickle (US)

Christine Karpiak (Canada)

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