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As a supporter, you will get two exclusive videos a month.

The first will be a supply, color, or technique video. We'll dive into a specific supply (think pastels, watercolors, washi tape), color (or color palette), or technique (mark making, image transfer, etc.)

The second video of the month will be a process video, complete with voiceover. This could be abstract, collage, botanical - the sky's the limit.

You'll also have instant access to my first ever class, Floral Fascination, as well as get coupons for new classes when they come out! All for just $4.99/month!


It’s back again! New year, new artists, and new lessons within the Virtual Art Summit! Hosted by Kellee Wynne Conrad.

If this is your first year joining, then welcome to the art summit of your dreams! Filled with your favorite creative role models, colorful inspirations, and brilliant lessons! If you are returning, then welcome back! We are so happy to bring you a new topic this year “Return to Play” The world can feel heavy, and there is nothing more nourishing for our souls and for our art practices than to let loose, have fun, and reintroduce ourselves to play! 

Pre-sale for the Virtual Art Summit has begun, so grab your spot for only $97! That includes all lessons from 16 different teachers (including Kellee Wynne), as well as bonus materials! 

Price will increase when the Summit launches, so grab your early bird pricing now! 

If you just want to dip your toes in, you can join for free, you can watch all of the lessons while the launch is live, but you will not have access to those lessons after the Summit ends.

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