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As a supporter, you will get two exclusive videos a month.

The first will be a supply, color, or technique video. We'll dive into a specific supply (think pastels, watercolors, washi tape), color (or color palette), or technique (mark making, image transfer, etc.)

The second video of the month will be a process video, complete with voiceover. This could be abstract, collage, botanical - the sky's the limit.

You'll also have instant access to my first ever class, Floral Fascination, as well as get coupons for new classes when they come out! All for just $4.99/month!


Watercolor Abstracts

A unique class combining handmade watercolors and abstract techniques. 

Included in the price is a palette of 6 curated, handmade watercolors. 
-What you'll learn-
The magic of handmade watercolors: Discover the unique properties and vibrant colors of handmade paints.
Mark-making and expressive art: Explore playful mark-making techniques to create dynamic and expressive artwork.
Abstract watercolor exploration: Delve into the world of abstract art, learning how to use color and composition to create captivating pieces.

Click below to find out more information and to join!

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