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Abstracts and the 100 Day Project

It sometimes feels like my art is all over the place. One day I want to collage, the next day I want to paint, the day after I want to draw. But as I look back through my Instagram, I realized that it's actually more of a drawn out ebb and flow than I thought.

I read a post from Laura Horn where she was talking about all of the things she's done with her art - collage, botanicals, abstracts, watercolors, etc. She was saying how she also feels a little like she is all over the place, which made me realize that I'm not alone! And also that my feelings were pretty normal.

All of that being said, I've been flowing into abstracts recently. I have enjoyed combining collage, paint, and botanicals all together, plus playing with some supplies that I often forget I have.

I hope you enjoy this video and feel inspired to try some abstract painting of your own!!


The 100 Day Project is almost here, and this year I am (surprise surprise!) focusing on abstract art.

I will be doing #100daysofquickabstractstudies in my art journals. I'm hoping to do a combination of "regular" abstract studies, floral studies, and collage studies. Through this, I'm wanting to think less and do more while also listening to my intuition.

I had initially wanted to only do one type of abstract art in one journal for the whole project, but then I realized that it would feel too limiting and I would burn out really fast. So instead I'm trying to leave it more open to my creative interpretation, which I think this will be the key to success this year.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!!

Have a wonderfully creative day!

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