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Following Your Artistic Intuition

I have been feeling a call recently to become a little more intuitive with my art.

I think a lot of what I do is inherently intuitive as I don't *usually* have a plan, but many times I go in with an idea or a pre-conceived notion of what I want to do. So for me, intuitive art is not going in with an idea but rather just doing and seeing what happens. But it can be hard to give up the reins, so to speak.

For example, I started this page with some collage that I totally didn't intend to mostly cover. But that's where it took me, and I am happy with the result. What would have happened if I resisted covering things up? Or had given up on the page after I made the scribbles? I wouldn't have been as happy, that's for sure.

For this next page, I had no idea what was going on half of the time. I started with collage, which seems to be my go-to, and just started painting and scribbling (lots of scribbling) with pastels.

Again, halfway through, I looked at the mess I made and figured it would just be one of those pages that I hate and wish I ripped out. But I decided to keep going and added some drippy pink, and the rest came. Now I love it.

I'm hoping that I will be able to continue this practice of following my intuition. As a creator that shares my work, it's hard to not focus on making "pretty" art, but that pressure definitely stifles my creativity.

I'm also hoping that they pages will translate into standalone pieces. I used to create more on canvas and paper, but for the last 6-9 months I've avoided doing anything outside of a journal. I'm hoping that by developing and honing this intuitive practice, I'll be able to start working on individual pieces again.

Below you'll find a video of my most recent intuitive spread. I hope it inspires you!

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